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Our Location Lotus Public School Shivganj Shikarpur Narkatiaganj School No:- 65736, Aff. No:-330737

"Education" derivats from the Latin word "Educatum" which means the act of teaching or training. By educating an individual we attempt to give him some desirable knowledge, understanding, skills, interests, attitude and thinking. The Lotus Educational and Welfare Trust always follows the pure principle of education and acts accordingly.

We are deeply proud of our former students reading the most competitive subjects at the country's top universities and the students who are now doctors, engineers and officers in various Public or private sectors. We are just as proud of those students who have exceptional progress from low starting points, many of whom who have had to overcome greatpersonal obstacles and barriers.

We don't accept excuses. We set it as our duty to know every student deeply and to unlock the potential of all who attend the school. This is the Lotus way to shine students them out of the mud of ignorance.



Lotus Public School

Mr. Deepak Kumar

M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed.